Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

Many of you have come forward at this time to live upon the Earth not only to grow and expand through your own Ascension journey, but to assist humankind in understanding that each person has within them the intrinsic ability to cocreate with this Universe.

Message to Lightworkers

Die Kabalen hatten in keinster Weise erwartet, dass ihre Marionette Hillary Clinton die Wahl verlieren würde. Dass sie gescheitert ist, ist euer Triumph – das Gut siegte über das Böse. Es war traurig zu sehen, wie viele sich von ihrer Propaganda in die Irre führen ließen. Ihr hattet Glück im Unglück. Die ganze Welt hatte Glück im Unglück.

Mit jeder Stunde werden die LÜGEN unverschämter

The Cabal, never for even one moment, expected their chosen puppet Hillary Clinton, to lose the election. Her failure to become President was your triumph, good over evil. It was sad to see that so many were taken in by her propaganda. You have had a lucky escape. In fact, the whole world has had a lucky escape.

The LIES become more outrageous every hour of every day

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017

Go together, form groups, help each other now, you are more plenty than you might think and many more are waking up. 2017 is the time for the awakening of the masses and the work can start to change the lives of the people on this planet, and for the animals and nature. It is the fear that makes you small and it is the love that makes you big. It is the miracles of love that produce the largest miracles on Earth and most benefit those that live there

The Awakening of The Masses

Vertraut, schreitet voran, blickt nicht zurück, denn ihr sollt nicht die, die erstarren, befreien. Vielmehr sollt ihr die, die euer Licht, eure Weisheit und eure Liebe erwarten, in die Kraft bringen. Träger des Lichts vermitteln ihr Licht dem, der es annimmt und annehmen kann.

Träger des Lichts vermitteln ihr Licht dem, der es annimmt und annehmen kann.

So, we ask you to understand that as a single Being, you are so powerful when you hold and transmit the Diamond Light. You create a Quantum Energy Field that is of such high frequency that it impacts and changes the energy field around you. You don’t have to do anything, other than ensure that you hold this frequency in your Heart and Light Body. Through a process of simple resonance, you will lift the energy field around you.

Then perhaps create a single room that is Sacred Space