Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

The flow of Divine Love through your root system has the power to change the world. Know that this descending energy flow is the practice required for manifestation of your dreams

Archangel Gabriel

You, the Lightworkers and awakened ones incarnate on the planet in these current times are actually now living on a no fault world! You have entered the fifth dimension where there is no right or wrong, no black or white, no judgement or condemnation

Hilarion monthly message October 2017

Ihr, die LICHT-Arbeiter und erwachten Menschen, die in diesen jetzigen Zeiten auf dem Planten inkarniert sind, ihr lebt in der Tat auf einer „fehlerfreien“ Welt! Ihr seid in der fünften Dimension angekommen, wo es kein 'richtig' oder 'falsch' gibt, kein 'schwarz' oder 'weiß', kein Verurteilen oder Verdammen

Hilarions Monatsbotschaft für Oktober 2017

Dear family, we know you want that and all other advancements in conscious and spiritual awareness to come more swiftly. We know, too, that you don’t remember that civilizations have taken as long as 50,000 years in your concept of time to achieve what you have, but please do see the amazing progress your light has helped to achieve since world transformation began only 80-some years ago

Message from Matthew September 2017